Apart from historical research, the working group for the research of National Socialist “euthanasia“ and forced sterilisation has also always dealt with current topics: Since 1986 it has been committed to the compensation of unrecognised, or insufficiently recognised victims of persecution. In 1987 it appealed against the re-legalisation of involuntary sterilisation, through the guardianship law. In 1991, the working group published the “memorandum against the new unworthy of life discussion”. In March 1996, the working group presented the “Grafeneck declaration on bioethics”. The appeal and statement “for the erection of a central memorial and information centre for the victims of National Socialist “euthanasia” followed in 2010 in Berlin, as did the Irsee “statement on pre-implantation diagnosis” in 2011. In 2012, the working group published appeals to create a worthy memorial and remembrance place in Waldniel-Hostert.