In 1983, full time and part time researchers from various disciplines, came together for the first time in the Federal republic, to clarify the history of the NS crime towards the people considered to be “inferior”, for the example of the healthcare institutions, which they work in. Read more

Today, nurses, doctors, theologians, historians, lawyers, memorial employees, teachers, psychologists, sociologists and specialist journalists belong to the working group that they founded, to research the history of NS “euthanasia” and forced sterilisation. Every year, a spring and autumn conference takes place, at the invitation of changing cooperation partners. Read more
The discussions in the working group are published in conference transcripts. Read more

The working group has also always dealt with current topics: Since 1986 it has been committed to the compensation of unrecognised, or insufficiently recognised victims of persecution. In 1989 it appealed against the re-legalisation of involuntary sterilisation, through the guardianship law. In 1991, the working group published the “memorandum against the new unworthy of life discussion“. In March 1996, the working group presented the “Grafeneck declaration on bioethics”, and in 2011 followed the Irsee “statement on pre-implantation diagnosis”. Read more

The working group sees itself as an open forum, and invites anyone and everyone working in these topic areas, to participate. Read more

Klaus Dörner died in Gütersloh on September 25, 2022. We mourn the loss of a great thought leader, a decades-long instigator of new initiatives and activities, a great speaker, a teacher and trainer, a mentor to many of us, and a wonderful friend. Read more →