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Memorial and information centre for the victims of the National Socialist “euthanasia” murders
From April 1940, the headquarters of the organisation who initiated, coordinated and carried out the mass murder of patients from sanatoriums and care homes in the German Empire, under the cover name “T4”, was located in Berlin, at Tiergartenstraße 4.

Grafeneck memorial – Documentation centre
For the victims of the “euthanasia” crimes during National Socialism Baden-Württemberg

Hadamar memorial
The Hadamar memorial commemorates the victims of the National Socialist euthanasia crimes. It sees itself as a place of remembrances, historical clarification and political education, and is therefore oriented towards children, young people and adults.

Memorial for victims of NS “euthanasia” Bernburg
More than 9,000 ill and disabled people from at least 33 psychiatric and care institutions died in the gas killing centre Bernburg (Saale) from 1940–1941(euthanasia), as did around 5,000 male and female prisoners from six concentration camps from 1942–1943(special treatment 14 f 13).

Memorial for the victims of the euthanasia murder in Brandenburg/Havel

Pirna-Sonnenstein memorial
In the former sanatorium and care home Pirna Sonnenstein, famous for its humanist tradition, the National Socialists murdered over 13,000 primarily mentally ill and mentally handicapped people, between 1940 and 1941.

Hartheim Castle memorial
In 1995, the Hartheim Castle Society was founded by a group of dedicated persons. Its most important aim was to give the castle a worthy purpose, taking into account its history.

Erinnerungs-, Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte [Remembrance, education and meeting centre] Alt Rehse
The EBB Alt Rehse strives to critically re-examine the history of the former NS “Leadership School of German Medicine” in Alt Rehse, where around 12,000 doctors and midwives were “ideologically trained” between 1935 and 1943.

Großschweidnitz memorial
The memorial being built in Großschweidnitz, commemorates over 5,000 psychiatric patients and home residents, children and so called mentally ill Eastern workers, who were killed in the former regional office of Großschweidnitz between 1939 and 1945, through systematic malnutrition, overdoses of medications and neglect.