Contact person

If you are interested in a participation in the working group for the research of National Socialist “euthanasia” and forced sterilisation, or would like to be invited to the meetings, please contact one of the named contact persons:

Dr. Michael Wunder
Advice Centre Alsterdorf
Paul-Stritter-Weg 7
22297 Hamburg
E-mail: m.wunder[at]

Dr. Maike Rotzoll
Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine
Im Neuenheimer Feld 327
69120 Heidelberg
E-mail: maike.rotzoll[at]

Dr. Harald Jenner
Lindenallee 41
14050 Berlin
E-mail: h.jenner[at]

Dr. Stefan Raueiser
Training Institute Irsee
Klosterring 4
87660 Irsee
E-mail: stefan.raueiser[at]