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Database of memorial centres
The database set up by the Federal Agency for Civic Education, refers to memorials, museums and documentation centres for numerous institutions and initiatives dedicated to the victims of National Socialism, that offer education programmes on the history of national socialism, and campaign for survivors and youth meetings.

Virtual memorial and information centre NS “euthanasia”
Gedenkort-T4.eu provides information about the National Socialist “euthanasia” murders to 300,000 people in Germany and Europe.

Homepage for the memorial site for the child euthanasia crimes in Leipzig

Restoring the victim’s dignity by identifying them by name

NS “euthanasia”. Anna 1915–1940

Studienkreis zur Erforschung und Vermittlung der Geschichte des deutschen Widerstandes 1933–1945 e.V. [Study group to research and teach the history of the German resistance]

Online presentation of the memorial and information site for the victims of the National Socialist “euthanasia” murders at Tiergartenstrasse 4 in Berlin
The website www.t4-denkmal.de, which is part of the memorial and information center for the victims of the National Socialist “euthanasia” murders, offers in-depth information on the history, implementation and aftermath of the National Socialist patient murders as well as on the perpetrators and victims in German, English and German easy language. The barrier-free offers of the memorial and information center are also accessible here in the form of sign language videos and audios.

Forum Remembrance – Platform for remembrance work in Bavarian
Internet portal for offers of historical-political educational work on the history of National Socialism. It includes events, exhibitions and other educational opportunities in Bavaria

Fritz Bauer Friends of Braunschweig
The name of Fritz Bauer (1903-1968) is inextricably linked to the reassessment of the resistance fighters of July 20, 1944 and the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial. The Fritz Bauer Circle of Friends would like to promote his memory in Braunschweig and beyond.